Friday, November 25, 2011

our life in pictures=)

We went to Evansville to hang out with the cousins. It was so much fun and all the boys went on an adventure in the woods.

Jackson started Pre-K this past week. It was a good day for him and he totally loved it. I, Erin, cried off and on all day but I am hoping each day will get better!


Jackson painted Frazier a frame for Christmas!

Jonathan built a fire pit! We love it!!

Peyton and Jackson. They are such good friends!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am amazed!

Today (Wednesday, October 19th) Jackson and I were making homemade laundry detergent and cooking lunch at the same time. Our microwave is above our stove and in order for Jackson to open the microwave he has to put his hand on the stove. Today since we had just made detergent, Jackson put his hand on a hot stove. Needless to say, he burned his finger tips and part of his palm. It was bad news! He cried and cried and screamed and I cried and cried right with him. I felt so bad and wanted to take it all away from him. I seem to burn myself a lot so I totally knew exactly how he felt! On top of him crying, it was time for Frazier to eat so he was crying too! I was able to get a show on for Jackson, began to feed Frazier and called Jonathan to help. Jonathan came home fast and was able to go to Walgreen's and get some medicine for Jackson's burn. During all this Jackson and I decided to pray. Once Jonathan got home Jackson said he didn't need the medicine because we had prayed. He said he had Jesus. It was really hard for me to argue with him about taking medicine when he tells me he has Jesus. I must admit my faith was small and I just wanted Jackson to take the medicine so that relief would come for him. Jackson's childlike faith in the Lord really amazes me and I am happy to report that within an hour or so he was back to normal. He still favors his fingers but he played with is friends, rode his bike and went to AWANA tonight! We serve a mighty God who is mighty to heal! I desire to be more like my 4 year old who believes when he prays!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So all of our weddings are over and we had so much fun at each one. Each one was different and unique in so many ways. It was great to see old friends and watch these fun couples start their lives together. We are so proud of their commitments to each other and most of all their commitments to the Lord.

Our boys are going up way too fast! Frazier is already 2 months and Jackson is full of life! Frazier got his shots this past week which means we are free to get out and about now. This is so great because it means we can finally join our family back at church. It also means that we can join Jonathan in doing ministry. Just today we made it to story time at the library and it was so nice to be doing things in the community again! We are gearing up for Halloween! We will have have many opportunities to dress up and celebrate the holiday. We have a fall party at church, a dress up get together at the library, a BCM fall party and trick or treating with some friends. This year Jackson is going to be both a super hero and Dwight Schrute (not at the same time, however)!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We are back.. FINALLY!

These past 6 weeks have been such a roller coaster ride. Frazier was born and 3 weeks later we moved. We are hoping that this is the last time we will have to move for awhile! It was a good move yet moving with a 3 week old, an almost 4 year old, and during Tropical Storm Lee was not ideal. We are thankful for our new place and thankful that our new place is slowly becoming home!

Since moving in we celebrated Jackson's 4th birthday and Frazier's one month birthday. For Jackson's birthday we went bowling and had a transformer cake and pinata. He had so much fun and it was definitely a birthday to remember!!

Frazier is now 8 weeks old (as of Wednesday, October 5th) and such a good baby. He sleeps good and eats good. He had grown 2 inches and 2 pounds at his 1 month check up! He is very alert and loves watching his big brother!! We are totally in love=)

Things we love about our new home:
We have 3 bedrooms
A really nice ice cream truck comes by often
We have really cool neighbors and neighborhood friends already
We have a back yard with a fence
We live close to Target and actually everything we need
and so much more!!!

October is going to be a busy month with weddings=)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One thing that I was so worried about in the anticipation of Frazier was how would Jackson deal with a new baby. I am so proud to report that Jackson LOVES Frazier. And when I say LOVE I mean LOVES him! He is constantly kissing him and checking on him. He loves to hold him and make sure he is 100% taken care of! I praise the Lord for this transition and just hope that this trend continues!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Frazier is here!

This past Wednesday we arrived at the hospital around 4:30am and the process began. Frazier was finally born by c-section at 8:57. I had some issues with my epidural which caused the section to happen later than expected. We spent Thursday in the hospital and came home on Friday. We are so thankful for how the Lord took care of us and how incredibly awesome Frazier is. We are also so thankful for family and friends who came to visit and were a huge support. Pictures soon!!